“Throughout the years I’ve bought loads of fancy inking brushes for CSP, but in the end I always return to the included G-Pen and just tweak it a bit. I created Manga One starting with everything I love about my tweaked G-Pen then added the size and characteristics of traditional illustration nibs. This is the heart of Manga One, my go to ink set. I hope you love it!”

- Maarten van Vuuren, May 2020


Manga One includes 25 Artist's calibrated ink pens and 4 drafting brushes for Clip Studio Paint.


The pens are based on six of the most celebrated traditional inking nibs used in manga and comics, namely the G, Saji, Soft Maru, Nihonji, Maru and School. Resizing the brush will have a destructive effect on the pressure to size ratio and mess up the intended feel. Rather use a different pen as needed for different areas. You will soon find your favourites and learn how and when to use all the pens. The brush size calibrated at 600dpi will connect you with your artwork’s print size and save you from getting lost in unnecessary detail.


Although, if you want to get lost, the 3 Pixel (P3) brush is the smallest brush used for super "finer than print" details or lighter shading lines. 3 larger brushes (L1, L2 and L3) were added to quickly fill in those big empty spaces. Manga One also has drafting brushes including a Paint, Fluff, Air and Smudge brush. These drafting brushes can be resized.


When you find yourself resizing the pen brushes, just reset it to default in the “Sub Tool Detail” panel.



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